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Partial Government Shutdown, Alas, Adversely Affecting The “Navajo Nation”.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the original article.

Click image to access the original article.

They, i.e., the Navajo living in and around the ‘Navajo Nation‘, have always been more vulnerable than most. Yes, some of it is their own making, but we are where we are. These folks rely on the Federal Government for many aid programs — even for clearing some of their major roads of snow during the winter.

This shutdown is really doing a number on them, but it goes unreported and unnoticed outside of Arizona and New Mexico because they have no media savvy. They basically have no voice.

There are quite a few Navajo working at ‘Canyon de Chelly‘ and ‘Monument Valley‘ — some as Park Rangers. They are not getting paid. That has a huge trickle down affect as many people rely on these federal salaries. Without that money, they are penniless. This is not good. This is sad.

I gather that ‘Canyon de Chelly’ remains open — in that both of the Rim roads are public thoroughfares and as such need to be kept open. Not sure how much snow they have had. If it has been dry the lookouts will be usable. Hate to think how much illegal trespassing is going on at the bottom. Upsets me greatly.

Just wanted to make sure you knew. So many don’t.

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by Anura Guruge

Why The England Cricket Team Is Wearing Black Armbands During 1st Test Against Windies.

by Anura Guruge


I, of course, watched the highlights. Good game, so far. Windies did better than I had expected, but, again not surprisingly, caved towards the end. But, a better score than many, including I, would have dared predict.

But, I wasn’t sure as to who the black armbands were for. Had to look it up.

Ruth Strauss. Interesting. I wasn’t that familiar with Andrew, never mind the wife. But, he was a former captain and many of the players must have known both of them. So, it was good that they decided to show their respects.

Could prove to be quite the game. Let’s hope that it lasts at least 4-days.

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by Anura Guruge

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