Do NOT, Repeat, ‘ DO NOT’ Waste $199.95 On A Fitbit Versa — You Will Regret It, Bitterly!

by Anura Guruge

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Just trying to help you out. The ‘Versa’ is a tarted-up (i.e., lipstick on a pig) Fitbit Ionic — WITHOUT GPS. The Ionic is a piece of junk and as such the Versa will be even worse — slower and with RANDOM, meaningless activity/health stats.

Don’t take my word. Google the ‘Ionic’. That the Versa doesn’t have GPS and the Ionic does is kind of ironic — in that the Ionic GPS stopped being reliable as of the last Firmware update. So, the GPS mileage is but a guess.

IF you are interested in a versa you are looking for a ‘mid-range’ Smart Watch with SOME activity/health tracking. Go on Amazon and search on “Smart Watches”. You can get much prettier watches with more functionality for less. There are some for UNDER $50. For looks, look at ‘Fossil’. I, alas, require a lot of tracking/running/steps-climbed/VO2 max, HR data plus GPS. So, I have to look at the higher end. {Smile}

But, I know this market, I know what is available. Versa is just a sham exploiting the ‘Fitbit’ name. But, those of us who are serious about this stuff KNOW that Fitbit is NOT known for their product quality or reliability.

So, why did I get an Ionic? It was desperation when my 2nd Garmin Vivoactive 3 died. IF I knew what I now know I would not have got it. I plan to replace it SHORTLY — as soon as Garmin gets its act together, {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

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