CNN, One Of My Daily Necessities, Came To Be This Day 37-Years Ago; June 1, 1980.

by Anura Guruge

Wow. ‘Just’ 37-years ago? But, as far as I am concerned it has always been around. I didn’t make it to the U.S., this last time around, until February 1985 [the first time having been, but for a year, in Buffalo, 1967 – 1968]. So, CNN was here when I got here. Not sure when I started watching it. I think I was first exposed to it in all the hotels I was staying — given that I was travelling on business three to four days a week during those first 18 months.

I am a news junkie and have been for at least a decade. I watch CNN and MSNBC for at least 90-minutes in total every day. So I am sure glad that we have CNN.

Happy Birthday, CNN. Thanks Ted.

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by Anura Guruge


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