2 responses to “The Colors Of “Hobby Lobby”, Rochester (NH) — March 4, 2017: 24 Images.”

  1. Cathy Sykes says :

    Nice color but Hobby Lobby isn’t a good company. They run their corporation as if it was Christian only. Not very welcoming to the rest of us.

    • Anura Guruge says :

      Cathy, yes, alas, I do know that. Leaving it yesterday I did comment, “I wish it was a Michael’s instead”. I, as a Vaticanologist do know that it was they that sued ‘Obamacare’ about free contraception and the ‘day-after’ pill. Yes, all the Christian propaganda is obvious BUT it just amuses me. Doesn’t offend. The folks that work there are NICE ENOUGH and I am not sure how Catholic they need to be. I don’t feel unwelcome BUT I am thick-skinned and a bit dense. {SMILE}. But, I understand 100%. Do YOU know they are closed on Sundays! My soon to be 11-year old is addicted to crafts. And ‘HB’ is the closest — and WalMart doesn’t have as much selection. Thanks.

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