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TDS TV ‘Expanded Package’ Channel Comparison Against DISH ‘America’s Top 120+’

by Anura Guruge

I do NOT switch TV providers or Internet service providers without considerable research and due diligence.

So, I am not going to get TDS TV, with 1 Gigabit Internet, without doing a diligent pros and cons comparison — though I have been a TDS phone/Internet customer for over 9 years.

So, over the last few nights I did this TV channel comparison.

I picked TDS’ ‘Expanded Package‘ (which is supposed to have 130+ channels) and compared it against DISH’s ‘Top 120+‘, which is what I have had for the last 3 weeks having downgraded from the ‘Top 200+’ (or thereabouts).

Some explanations:

  1. I did this in a hurry and it did not have to be 100%. It just had to be a quick-and-‘dirty’ comparison. So, I might have screwed up on a few channels, BUT the BIG PICTURE should remain unaltered.
  2. The MIDDLE yellow column that says ‘In DISH’ means that the corresponding channel, at left, on the TDS column is available on DISH.
  3. What is listed in the DISH column are the channels available on DISH but not in TDS.
  4. Channels highlighted in BLUE in the TDS column are ‘good'(/’premium’) channels NOT included by DISH in 120+

Got that?

Bottom Line: TDS has BETTER channels. But, is is all streaming and I don’t know what the quality would be like. Plus, there can be streaming/buffering/server delays making picture jerky. Plus, it is all Internet-based. At least with DISH you could still get it even when the Internet is down (provided it is NOT snowing hard).

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by Anura Guruge

Sri Lanka Featured In “The Young Pope” Episode 4 — With Prominence For Sri Lankan Actress Nadee Kammellaweera.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the listing for the Series.


Sri Lankan Nadee Kammellaweeraas Sister Suree.

Starting with the first episode of “The Young Pope” there has been this diminutive, very dark, young sister, in glasses that has served as the Pope’s maid — telling him it is time for his snack etc. During the first three episodes her role was fleeting and extremely brief.

Then came Episode 4. Wow. The pope sees her crying. She tells the pope that her sister, in Sri Lanka, is dying. “Sri Lanka” clearly enunciated. The pope even says it: “Sri Lanka”. Not once. But a few times! Wow. I haven’t seen Sri Lanka mentioned on HBO that many times — ever.

Yes, it was NOT all positive.

She says she doesn’t like to go to Sri Lanka because going there makes her DOUBT God! That is a nasty dig. Wow.

Well the pope doesn’t allow her to go to Sri Lanka. Instead he has her sister’s body sent over in a container ship! Ah! Not by plane. Well, that was a bit close to home. In 1992 I accompanied my adoptive mother’s body from Paris to Sri Lanka on a AirLanka plane. Yes, it is true that we did get a Presidential dispensation to do that. But, I am sure, now that the Civil War is over, that there are no restrictions to bodies being transported by air. Anywho.

I had NO idea that she was Sri Lankan. Just assumed that she was South Indian. Her makeup makes her quite dark.

But this was publicity for Sri Lanka — and all publicity is good publicity.

But, I KNOW that 99% of those in the U.S. watching that show would have NO IDEA what or where “Sri Lanka” is! That is a sad fact. It might as well be an obscure asteroid.

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by Anura Guruge

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