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Nikon: Really Should Simplify & Rationalize Its Range Of Cameras, Especially The Coolpix Series.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. Side-by-side comparison thanks to “”.

These three cameras introduced within the span of 13 months, the first two at the same time. In terms of features these are very similar cameras. The B500 essentially obsoletes the L840. So why doesn’t Nikon just end-game the L840 rather than keeping it on the books? It just makes Nikon product selection so confusing and confounding.

I really would like to see all the Japanese camera manufacturers GREATLY weed out their product lines. Eliminate the duplicates and overlaps. Make the choices manageable.

Nikon lost money last year. Trimming its camera line would be great way to reduce costs and claw back some corporate margins for profitability. 

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by Anura Guruge


New Hampshire Blueberry Harvest Will Be Down In 2016 — Lack Of Rain.

by Anura Guruge

Prospect Mountain, in Alton, N.H., that I run up/down four or five times a week has two blueberry farms — one, owned by a company in Maine, a v. large, very mechanized commercial operation. They started their 2016 harvesting this morning as I was trudging up the hill. They had an impressive array of specialized equipment, trucked over from Maine. I had a brief conversation with the foreman.

He informed me that the harvest would be poor. Shrivelled berries and not as many as they would like. The drought! And that is true. Though we have had some good downpours here and there we have gone for long periods, this Spring/Summer, without rain.

So prices will go up — though that is not the end of the world. Just a heads up. There could even be a scarcity unless they can get them from somewhere else.

by Anura Guruge

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