Pope Francis’ Appointment Of Chilean Sex Abuse Conspirator, Juan Barros, Further Strains His Credibility.

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by Anura Guruge

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That Pope Francis INSISTED on going ahead with the appointment of Juan Barros, despite all the protestations — including those from his own Sex Abuse Management Committee, speaks volumes about the increasing contradictory behavior of this pope.

He is acting like a man who has lost his marbles. I am not kidding.

That he stripped disgraced Scottish Keith O’Brien of all of his priestly powers BUT then said he can keep his ‘Cardinal’ title has had many a Catholic scratching their head. This pope has become way too erratic.

From the start he reveled in being a maverick. But, now he has gone too far.

It has become “I say one thing and do the opposite”. He has talked a good game about sex abuse and now he does this!

Very strange. It would not the the first time the Vatican has had a Pope who was deranged. They can be dangerous. Nobody to keep them in check. Heads UP. Watch for increasingly ERRATIC (not unpredictable) behavior.

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