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Alton Central (ACS) School Board: Writing In Barbara For School Board 3 YEAR TERM.

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by Anura Guruge

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Barbara Howard was at the
Alton Recycling Facility,

Saturday, February 28, 2015.

She wants folks to KNOW that she is THE
Write In Candidate
for the 3 YEAR TERM.

PLEASE Note that there are TWO (2) Write In opportunities:
one for the 3 Year Term
& another for the 1 Year Term.

Barbara Howard for the 3 year Term.

Jonathan Smolin for the 1 year Term.

That is the PLAN.

Do not mess this up.


You can’t run IF you are an ACS employee.
So don’t waste votes … PLEASE.

Please ENDORSE these 2 candidates.

I will post the endorsements HERE.

I have heard that people want to write ‘NO’ etc.
Please don’t do that. Don’t run the risk of a ballot being rejected.
Just vote for Howard, Noyes & Jonathan.

The GOAL is to get
Barbara Howard and Jonathan Smolin elected to the School Board.

Barbara Howard for the 3 year term along with Terri Noyes.

Jonathan Smolin for the 1 year term.

Got that?

I don’t know him personally BUT folks tell me that Phil Wittman is good. So vote for him too … along with Barbara Howard.

Barbara Howard for the 3 year term along with Terri Noyes.

Jonathan Smolin for the 1 year term.

MetroCast 75Mpbs/5Mbps Internet Service — I File A ‘Better Business Bureau’ (BBB) Complaint.

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by Anura Guruge

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>> MetroCast Down Feb. 24, 2015.

Cancel 2 TDS fiber links to house.
>> TP-Link Wi-Fi Network for house
>> MetroCast maintains 75Mbps
>> 75Mbps Internet From Metrocast
>> TDS claiming Gigabit by Oct. 2015

++++ Search ‘BBB’ for my other successes with BBB >>>>

higwayrobberyI have had it with
Bloody MetroCast!

MetroCast LIES!

80 hours now at 4.17Mbps when I am paying for 75Mbps.

I want my money back.
Plain and simple.

I have had a LOT of luck, over the years, with BBB —
Direct Sat TV, Linksys etc.

Doesn’t cost anything to file.

Takes me about 4 minutes.

I urge YOU also to file complaints.

If nothing else you can get some satisfaction.

Here is where you start to file the BBB Complaint.


Click to ENLARGE and read.

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