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Christmas Revels (Dartmouth) 2014 By Revels North, “Haddon Hall (Revisited)” — Exquisiteness Epitomized.

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by Anura Guruge

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Jay Sprout, as the Duke (and also the dragon), in his first appearance with Revels North, was brilliant. Bravo. A minister to boot who wore some very elegant boots on the stage.

Sharon Gouveia Comeau who was mesmerizing as a dancer. What talent.

Sharon Harkay who looked magnificent. I just wanted a picture of her by the Revels North board. Never saw, in the viewfinder, given that I was literally focusing on her, the girl in the poster behind her. Only saw her when I downloaded the pictures. I kind of like it. Looks like she is raving at Sharon, as it should be. Funny that.

What a show. What a performance. It was inspired. It was electric.

What talent. What commitment. It was a joy. It was Revels at its best.

Just plain wonderful. Whether you want it or not, they manage to reach inside you and tug at your emotions.

I felt cleansed and rejuvenated. Energized and motivated to meet the New Year with gusto.

We are veterans of sorts. If nothing else we have sat in the same four front row, center seats for the last four years. So we know what to expect, we know what we like and we know when we get what we wanted. And we sure were privy to a treat.

I am the first to admit that I like Revels in traditional, i.e., ol’ world European setting (even if it is on a steamer bound to New York). As a dyed in the wool Brit, anything set in the Mother Country warms the cockles of my heart even more.

“The Mysteries of Haddon Hall”, a return to their original setting from 40 years ago. Yes, this was their 40th anniversary. Congratulations, Bravo & THANK YOU. Here is to another sterling 40 years.

Though it went uncommented the 5pm Sunday performance we attended, at the ever delightful Dartmouth Hop, took place during the actual 2014 Winter solstice. It happened at 6:03 pm. Just after we started the second half. I was keeping watch. I didn’t have to. I felt the Earth turn the corner. Did you? You got to be attuned to it. It is like a Camaro pulling a tight corner on 3/4 throttle. It is a flat turn. I wanted to put my hand up and say: ‘did you feel that? That was the Solstice. We turned the corner’. It is all downhill to Summer from then — the days, thanks be to Sol, getting longer.

A virtuoso performance. Over the last couple of years, every December, on consecutive weekends our lives revolve around the Clearlakes Chorale concert, Northeastern Ballet ‘Nutcracker‘ and Revels North. We see the amount of work that goes into the other two performances. Then we get to see Revels, especially a lavish production like it was this year. We can’t get over how much planning, care, talent, hard work, dedication, aplomb and chutzpah has to be required to make it happen, so brilliantly, and make it look effortless. Just magic. The kids. What a joy. What an experience for them. I wish we lived closer.

Well, I could wax lyrical all night and way into the morning. But, I am sure you have cottoned onto the drift. It was exquisite. Just exquisite.

I am already counting the days for Revels (Dartmouth) 2015.

Thank YOU, Revels North. You enrich our lives. For that we are thankful.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.


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