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PSNH Power Outage In Alton (N.H.), Thanksgiving 2014, From ~5pm Nov. 26 to ~7:20pm Nov. 27. [26 Hours]

psnhlogo Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The two Sears mid-size generators which made the 26 outage bearable and manageable.

This, for us in Alton, served by PSNH as opposed to the Electric Co-Op, was the longest outage in many  a year. It was a humdinger. 26 hours over Thanksgiving. But it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. For that I am thankful. That I was lucky enough to have two working generators, that chugged away, non-stop for hours, much to my amazement, certainly helped. It would have been very different if NOT for the two generators. When they are going 70% of the house has power and we have heat, oven, microwave and running water. So cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey and Ham was not a challenge. All the outlets don’t work so the toaster oven was not operational but that was not a big deal since the big oven was on all day.

The last PSNH outage, in Alton, that I am aware of was on June 18, 2014. So that was 161 days previously. The one prior to that was on November 27, 2013. Fancy that, PSNH outages on November 27 two years running!

So in away we really can’t complain. Yes, I was miffed. I am always miffed when we lose power. Can’t help it. I am not sure that a 26 hour outage was warranted. But at least we got power back before we had to spend a 2nd night without power.

I am always much more sanguine once the power comes on and I find everything, especially the Internet connections, are back to normal. I am nowhere close to as livid as I was say at 2pm on Thanksgiving Day. That said I was pretty cool all day — once I went and got 14 gallons of gas, in 2 trips, to make sure that we had enough juice to go through a second day. I spent much of the day either reading or shoveling snow — both activities I enjoy. I had the Turkey in the over by 9 am and the ham didn’t require that many hours.

The power has flickered a few time since. That makes me jittery. But I am OK.

It was a memorable Thanksgiving thanks to the storm and the outage. All in all it was not bad at all. We had fun. The relatives arrived, slightly ahead of schedule. That was fun. They brought me a TON of good wine! I haven’t tapped into them yet but they will get drunk.

This was the longest run for our 2 generators. They exceeded my expectations. I am impressed. That was a lot of work for them. Hopefully they can have a long break before I need to use them in anger again.

We Sure Got A LOT Of Snow For Thanksgiving 2014 In New Hampshire Lakes Region. 14″ I Reckon & No Power For 26 Hours.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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This proved to be one heck of a storm. Pretty impressive but at the same time left us with a breathtakingly beautiful, snow draped landscape for Thanksgiving. Yes, I would have enjoyed it much more if we had power BUT it wasn’t too bad in the end.

A lot of snow. I reckon 14″. I didn’t bother to take a tape measure out. Well these before-and-after shots should give you an idea.


Click to ENLARGE.

These pictures were taken around 9 am Thanksgiving Day in Alton. What you have to keep in mind is that 19 hours earlier there was not a JOT of snow on the ground. Green grass and brown dirt. Then this. The snow wasn’t as heavy as people made out. It wasn’t fluffy but easy enough to throw around. I did, for the heck of it, about 2 hours of shoveling. The large quantities of turkey and ham I ate later went down without any trouble given that I had made sure to work up a real appetite for it.

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But all that snow or the lack of power did not get in the way of Thanksgiving. We had relatives arrive from Maryland. They drove up, leisurely, in about 10 hours without any trouble.

Click to ENLARGE. It was kind of nice to really rely on candles for dinner.

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