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I Have Lost Two Large Turkeys Worth Of Weight Since Last Thanksgiving.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

2012 Thanksgiving at the Sheraton Portsmouth


 .by Anura Guruge

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Since yesterday morning I have been trying to defrost a 18 pound turkey for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.

This morning I was lugging it around, and it is quite heavy, to put it in a large pan of water, when I suddenly realized that I had lost much more weight than this heavy turkey in my hand. It was quite a realization.

As of this week I have lost over 30(+) pounds since January 22 of this year. That is when my cardiologist told me to lose 20 pounds. Well, I am an overachiever, plus on this low-carb diet I will lose weight. I am not trying too hard. I am NEVER hungry. I eat more than I ever did. Just very little carbs. I am sure my cholesterol is probably in excess of 500 … but he didn’t tell me to reduce my cholesterol (which was in the 90s). I only take 10mg of Liptor so I have plenty of scope to increase my dose.

I hope you all realize that turkey and ham is on sale all over N.H. this week. I have an upright freezer full of ham and turkeys! I have been picking up both every time I go by a supermarket. I am afraid to count. But, I think we have at least 5 turkeys and 5 hams — not counting what I took out for tomorrow.

So I went and fished out a 12 pound turkey.

That was 30 pounds. Devanee lugged them. She was suitably impressed.

30 pounds is 30 pounds.

Anura Guruge

The turkey in the green wrapping is 12 pounds. The other one, which we are having for Thanksgiving, is 18 pounds. So 30 pounds together. The weight I have lost since Thanksgiving last year; 189 pounds down to 159 pounds. Click if you dare.

PSNH Power Outage In Alton New Hampshire Early This Morning, Ahead Of Thanksgiving.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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PSNH power play -- and it is indeed a game for them.

PSNH power play — and it is indeed a game for them.

I knew it was inevitable. We, the long-suffering, always-screwed, 200 (or so) PSNH consumers in Alton were NOT going to be allowed to weather this Thanksgiving storm WITHOUT PSNH, as usual, trying to teach that they are the boss.

Yes, I do have a theory that PSNH just flicks a switch at a substation and turns off power to this ISOLATED spur that serves a few of us in Alton — as a ‘Power Play’. A joke. A way to remind us that we are totally at their mercy and that they are the BIG, powerful power company.

This is why I have started to chronicle all the PSNH power outages we experience in Alton.

I have in my 27 years in New Hampshire always had PSNH. I have had houses in: New Ipswich, New Durham, Meredith, Gilford and Alton. Hardly ever had outages in any of those places. Never owned a generator. Never even thought about it. Alton? I own two generators!

PSNH really has it in for us. If I could raise the money I would BUY this spur line from PSNH and give it to the local Alton utility.

Anyway. PSNH screwed us again. But, it wasn’t too bad. It was early in the morning at least for me. Not sure when.

Our alarm system started beeping. I thought somebody was trying to break into the house. I, as ever, was fast asleep. Took me a second to work out that it was the wrong type of beep. It was telling me that power was out and that it was now running on its backup batteries — and I stress the plural. I had to get out of bed and hit ‘reset’ to tell it that I got the message. Luckily there is a keypad right by the bed.

I went back to bed and slept. I gather Deanna woke up around 7 am and called PSNH. There had been a 6:45 am bulletin. So we must have lost power prior to that. Power was back before 8:20 am — which was good because I got too see the unemployment claims number, live, on CNBC, at 8:30, sipping coffee. I need to see this data, live, every morning. That is how I know that I am alive.

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