Has Pope Francis Ingested Too Much Incense? ‘Rugby Is NOT Violent’?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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This pope has made quite a few ‘interesting’, actually incongruous, statements about gays, abortion, God etc. I even, in this post, got a good, Catholic priest, with a doctorate from Rome in Sacred Theology, to explain how his words don’t change the Catholic doctrine. Yesterday’s remarks about asking God ‘WHY’ blew my socks away. And then there was the Gold Pins on the Pallium incident.

But today’s statement that Rugby is NOT A VIOLENT sport really takes the cake!

What is the Pope SMOKING?

I used to play Rugby — albeit just in school in Mill Hill, London, U.K. I like Rugby. If Rugby isn’t violent then the Pope isn’t Catholic!

In hindsight I now realize that we were a barbaric bunch at Mill Hill! We went out to maim and injure. But, it was a two-way street. Much later on, when I was in my 30s and had platinum private health insurance in the U.K., called BUPA, because I was a high-flying corporate executive, a doctor had both my hands X-rayed. He calls me in and says: ‘How did you do it. Every one of your knuckles has been broken at sometime in your life … some of them multiple times’. I also had a broken, unmended, bone in my right hand — which was also a Rugby injury, that I refused to have treated.

Well, don’t take my word on Rugby and violence. Kind of funny that just this year a book came out called “Rugby Violence”!

I have been worried about this pope from Day 1. Now I am getting really worried, but for different reasons.

pope francis rugby violence

Click to access original at the Vatican’s VIS.


The New Zealand ALL BLACK’s famous HAKA at the start of Rugby games. This picture does NOT do it justice. Check it out on YouTube. Ladies LOVE it.


Click to access original.


Click to access online book.


Click to access.

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