Have YOU Noticed That Your Property Insurance Is Going Up? GEICO Is Only ‘Cheap’ For Auto.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Our insurances, auto and property (combined), comes up for renewal towards the end of this month.

We had been with Hanover, through our local Alton agents at Cross, for a number of years. We have not made any claims during that period. But, when I got my renewal papers all my rates had gone up — in particular the rates for the property (i.e., house) insurance. Did not make sense to me. Then I had a chat with our, always delightful, agent. She tells me it is because of the glut of ‘recent’ natural disasters around the country — and even in our backyard (and I do mean our backyard) in terms of the 2008 (or was in 2009) tornado. But, it irks me. So on principle I am terminating my policy with Hanover.

Checked out GEICO. Their auto insurance is a TAD, and I really do mean a ‘tad’, cheaper. But, they don’t themselves write property insurance. They go to another underwriter. Their property insurance rates are HIGH and they knew it. Together, with all of the bundlings discounts, it is still MORE EXPENSIVE than what I am being quoted by Hanover. So much for GEICO. You have to be careful with them. ALL they really want to do is to get a bank account number or credit card so that they can start billing you ASAP. I was not impressed.

I can’t get hold of a Progressive Insurance Agent! I would pay MORE to have insurance with Progressive because I love their ads. So I am willing to pay, say $40 a year more, just so that I can feel proud when the Ads come on. But we don’t seem to have any local Progressive Agents.

Yes, my agent has found me another firm which is fractionally cheaper — provided I write her a check close to $2,000 to cover the whole year! [My 21 year old son, who likes to speed (like his dad he claims), is on our policy. That explains about $400 of that premium.]

But, just a heads up. Check your insurance rates.

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