GoDaddy E-Mail: File Folder (Online Storage) Integration Problem Being Fixed.


Anura Guruge

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This was multiple logon problem I reported on July 24.

Basically, if you used Online Storage File Folders, which is a paid service for storing files online (i.e., ‘in the cloud), you could no longer just get to it from your GoDaddy e-mail. Now you had to logon again. This was annoying.

So, with great reluctance I bugged my high-level contacts at GoDaddy. They didn’t understand the problem to begin with … since File Folders is not something that most corporate workers worry about. (They rely on somebody else to backup their files.) But, this evening I had a call to say that they reproduced the problem! Success. Now that they understand it they are going to fix it.

They have raised an internal escalation trouble ticket. This is good stuff.

I hate to bother them but they get things fixed. I think they appreciate that I am judicious in bugging them and am also very appreciative.

So, I will let you know. This, however, will only work with the current, i.e., ‘classic view’. When we are forced to use the new interface I will have to fight another battle. But, that is for another day.

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