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I Made Another Call Today, After 25 Minutes Of ‘Discussion’ I Got Another $5/Month OFF! I Am Now Happy. That Was The Price They Offered.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I got this offer AGAIN in the mail today. Same one that I had 2 weeks ago and tried to get DirecTV to honor on Tuesday. Now realize that this guy ‘Robert McCaskill‘, contrary to what he claimed, does NOT work for DirecTV. He works for ‘‘. Found that on his e-mail! Not amused. He assured me that he worked for DirecTV. I asked him explicitly.

Look at the 3rd sheet here. Click on any sheet to ENLARGE. Says ULTIMATE for $34.99.

Well, I got it! Took 20 minutes of ‘discussion’. They had to cancel my prior order and start again from SCRATCH. I now have TWO credit card charges.

This was NOT funny. Hope these offers help YOU.

Here is a GOOD number to call DirecTV: 1-800-531-5000.

Now, following my $10 referral discount (thanks to Deanna’s cousin, the same one that told us about Comet ISON), my monthly bill for the 1st year will be $45.99. That is quite a drop from the $100 I was paying to DISH after I cancelled my Cricket Pack. 


Ed Engler, Editor of ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ Running For Laconia (NH) Mayor.


Ed from our wedding on January 1, 2003.

. Anura Guruge

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Click to access June 14, 2013 'Daily Sun' with this article.

Click to access June 14, 2013 ‘Daily Sun’ with this article.

I have known Ed since the Summer of 2001 when I joined Laconia Rotary and he was the official scribe-in-chief. See my Ed & ‘University of  ‘Whales’ story.

Ed is a good guy. I know that he always tries to do the right thing. So I am glad he is running for Laconia Mayor. I wish him the best of luck.

As he correctly states in the above piece there is a lot of homework he has to do. Not sure whether he will be a Matthew Lahey (1996 – 2003 as Mayor) but I think he will try.

Given the conflicts of interests we have suffered, of late, with ‘The Braysider‘ I will be curious to see how Ed handles the ‘presses’ in the coming months. Knowing Ed I am sure he will publish a few letters that promote his opponents, BUT it will be interesting to see where he draws the line. Not sure whether there is another press outlet for his opponents. But I guess Bloomberg with his publishing empire ran for NYC Mayor, so Ed is following in good footsteps, and like Bloomberg he too can use all of his resources to make sure that he is elected.

Well this should be fun. Best of luck Ed. I guess you will now be too busy to have lunch with us.

I Need A New Dentist. Had It With My Current One.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

As I mentioned in my Foley post I had to go to the dentist on Wednesday for my bi-annual teeth cleaning. We go to a dentist outside of Laconia. We have been going there for (I think) 9 years — definitely more than 8. Deanna found it when it had just started. But it has changed hands since then and things have gone downhill as far as I am concerned.

Though the rest of my body is a crumbling walking disaster, for reasons I never understood (and one that dentist are at a loss to explain), I have (big) teeth like a horse. I think I have three small fillings in my entire mouth. I tried to look last night. I only have one on my bottom teeth and I can’t see what I have in my top teeth — but I think it is two. As one U.S. dentist, in Mass, told me 25 years ago: ‘I will never make any money from YOUR teeth. You have teeth of an horse‘.

[He was a decent, upfront dentist. I went to him for about 10 years though it was quite a commute once I moved to the Lakes Region. He had an interesting hygienist. I can’t remember when it started but she would do a complete, non-stop, no holds barred, graphic monologue of her sex life while she cleaned my teeth. It was a lot of fun. There was no chance of me, with my known penchant for boredom, losing interest. So during the time I was going to her to get my teeth cleaned she got married and was trying to have a baby. So I would get the whole story, blow-by-blow, so to speak, of their ‘nightly’ exploits. Yes, there was a few times that I nearly choked, on laughter, when she would tell me about her wagging her feet in the air waiting for the ‘little buggers‘ to complete their swim! I know some folks would claim that this was unprofessional, but I saw no harm. It was fun. She enjoyed regaling me and it certainly beats an hygienist who only tells you to ‘open wide‘.]

Once I had my adult teeth the first cavity I had was when I was 18. It was the first time I had gone to a dentist with a fully reclining dentist seat as is de rigeur now. I always thought it was the seat. This was in the U.K., Swansea, so I don’t think the dentist just did a drilling and filling just for the money — because I, like everybody else, was on the NHS plan.

For the last two years the dentist has not come to see me when I have my teeth cleaned. I am ‘A OK‘ with that. I don’t want to incur the additional cost for nothing. This time the hygienist, rather sheepishly, tells me that the dentist has insisted on seeing me. I said I did not want to see the bloody dentist. There was nothing wrong with my teeth or gums. The hygienist said that my gums were fine. I knew that this was but a ruse just to charge me for something I didn’t want. I knew that. She knew that and the dentist knew that. I would gladly sign a waiver saying that I do not want to see the dentist. Just want my damn teeth cleaned. I am sorry to say I don’t like him either. He seems to have the personality of a constipated armadillo and the mannerism of a robot on a sugar-high.

I did not have a choice. I, however, did manage to refuse, yet again, the $200 X-rays. I don’t need X-rays. 9 years. No cavities. No gum problems. Nothing — other than an impacted wooden toothpick that had to be dug out. Though, in general, after that incident, I try to use ‘good’ plastic picks, I still break them in between my teeth. Forget flossing, which I don’t do. But I maul my gums between my teeth. It actually seems to do them good. Now when I break a tooth pick, as I did two weeks ago, I just go digging for it myself.

$46 bloody dollars and he wasn’t there for more than 2.5 minutes! He knew. I knew it. She knew it. In a way I feel bad for the dentist. If he has to reduce himself to that level to make money.

Well, that was it. I am NOT going back to that practice. As I have said we do have what is supposedly a ‘good’ bona fide ultrasonic toothbrush, an Emmi-Dent. I am not convinced about that toothbrush, though Deanna likes it (and I am sure that it is not because it is German). I now use a normal toothbrush as well. Also went back to using Hydrogen Peroxide in addition to my generic mouthwash.

Staining is the only problem I have, thanks to my two large cups of coffee, two large cups of black tea, one or more cups of lighter tea and my large, by diluted, daily dose of red wine. The cleanings at this place, which have gone up yearly, are $80. I was ‘OK’ with that, even though they keep on trying to get me to come 4 times a year! Screw that. No wonder so many folks in NH walk around with teeth missing. This is crazy.

So, I am on the market for a new dentist.

313 Years Since Discovery Of Comet Known To Have Made The Closest Pass To Earth, D/1770 L1, In 1770.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Yes, Comet ISON, C/2012 S1, is still on the way, but still a long ways out (as I pointed out 10 days ago). I am banking on it and have my hopes high. A blazing comet in the sky, à la Hale-Bopp [C/1995 O1] in 1997, is always inspirational and so uplifting. Just getting a glimpse of C/2011 L4 (Pan-STARRS), through binoculars, as it sped away from us, in April was a thrill.

If ISON survives perihelion it will flyby Earth on Boxing Day, i.e., Thursday, December 26, 2013, 39.9 million miles away from us. Contrary to the deluded this is by no stretch of the imagination a close call. That is quite a separation. Mars, every once in awhile, comes closer to Earth than that.

But, on July 1, 1770, when D/1770 L1 (sometimes referred to Lexell’s comet, though he was not the discoverer) passed within 0.0151 AU, i.e., 1.4 million miles of the Earth. This per the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the ultimate authority on such matters, is the closest documented cometary encounter.

So D/1770 L1 was nearly 29 times closer — and even it did no harm, because even 1.4 million miles is a ‘safe’ separation.

On February 4, 2011, the tiny asteroid 2011 CQ1 which came within 3,400 miles of Earth – just hours after it had been espied by the Catalina Sky Survey on February 4, 2011.

D/1770 L1 was discovered on June 14, 1770 by Charles Messier [1730 to 1817], a French astronomer of note, who had already discovered five earlier comets, and would go onto discover seven more. So this ‘near-Earth’ comet was only spotted two weeks prior to its ‘fairly close’ flyby.

The identification with ‘Lexell’ has to do with a bestriding polymath of the time, Swedish-born Russian Anders Johan Lexell [1740 to 1784] who using a new groundbreaking technique quickly calculated the orbital parameters of the new comet based on Messier’s observational data. It perihelioned on August 14, 1770 at 0.7 AU. It has since been lost as denoted by the ‘D/’.

The two dots are Earth, in green below, and the comet, in blue. That is adjacent. Click to access NASA/JPL orbital plot tool. You will need working Java (and a cup of coffe is always nice too).

The two dots are Earth, in green below, and the comet, in blue. That is adjacent. Click to access NASA/JPL orbital plot tool. You will need working Java (and a cup of coffe is always nice too).


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