Alton Central Administration Might Not Have 100% Support From Their School Board On Their Commitment For ‘Common Core Standards’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I find it funny (given my admittedly very twisted sense of humor) that most folks in Alton, including the parents, think that the building renovation is the ‘be all and end all‘ of the issues facing the welfare of the Alton kids. Somehow bullying or the ‘Common Core Standards‘ don’t seem to figure in the priorities.

Last night, at the School Board meeting, given that I had requested it at the previous meeting, the Principal did get up and do a brief but poignant presentation on ‘Common Core Standards’.

I was intrigued, but not surprised, when one female school board member (and Carlos Martinez was NOT at the meeting), openly talked about ACS OPTING OUT of CC. Wow.

So, I, when I was finally given permission to ask questions, got up and asked a few questions MAINLY to get as much of the opinions and statements on the official record for possible future use.

As I suspected a prior Board did approve the school’s current ‘program’ with CC. I knew that that had to have happened.

I also questioned whether this board was 100% behind CC and got the response I expected — that yes, some have reservations.

School Board member, Mr. Steve Miller, yet again to his credit, per my statement that I wanted this on the record, went onto say that he is supportive of CC and does not feel that ACS is in the ‘position’ to ‘go in alone’. Check the record.

Interesting stuff.

Yes, I would LOVE to have included Mrs. Leggett’s presentation, but it is not as yet available online (at least to me). Deanna e-mailed her requesting a copy. Yes, of course, I will post it or a link to it as soon as we hear something back.


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