Dartmouth Hitchcock (Concord) Did IT Again — And ‘IT’ Wasn’t Good.


Anura Guruge

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To avoid any misunderstandings let me state a few categorical facts. Our regular pediatrician at DMHC (Concord) for both Devanee and Teischan, Dr. Eric Shulman, who we have been seeing for 6 years or more, is beyond wonderful. He is one of those exception, gifted physicians (and I talk as one with 4 doctors in the family). It also has to be said that the Prenatal & Postnatal groups at DHMC (Hanover) are exceptional. It was a rare privilege to have had Teischan born at Dartmouth. I have never experienced anything like that. That was magical.

That said, we have had some real bad experiences with DHMC Concord. Never with Dr. Shulman. And there are some other GOOD doctors there like the lady we saw today. But, Concord does have some clowns. I mentioned in this post how they nearly killed me. Well we had an analogous situation this week with Teischan, she alas having inherited my bronchial chest. She is asthmatic, and like me gets acute bronchitis even if a butterfly flaps its wings too fast nearby. She is sick, with a cough, a lot. She was very sick earlier this week. On Tuesday morning we took her in. We couldn’t see Dr. Shulman. Instead we saw another pediatrician who we had seen before, again on an emergency basis, in September. He checked her out. Since I have struggled with the same ailment, and seen doctors around the world, I know what questions to ask and what to look for. He assured me that her chest was fine and that she just had a small crackle just in one spot. It was viral. No need for antibiotics. Just up the ante on the inhalers with a second one.

To be fair to him she did not have a fever when we saw him. That changed within hours. She had a 103.4°F fever that afternoon. Deanna called. They said it was normal and that they would expect her to have a fever for 5 days. She kept on getting sicker. She didn’t go to school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Valentine’s Day) or Friday; she missed her Valentine’s Day party that she had so looked forward to. On Friday I wanted to take her to the ER. Deanna called DHMC again. They said call on Saturday if she is not any better. We called at 8:30 am on Saturday.

We took her in right away. They saw her quite quickly. She has walking pneumonia.

Yes, she could have got it after we walked out on Tuesday. I am not convinced of that. I am also beside myself that they refused to see us for 5 days. I don’t know what to do. We are very happy with Dr. Schulman. But, we can’t see him when we have an emergency and with Teischan we have 4 emergencies, minimum, per year. Yes, we have taken her to the ER, twice.

Now we can’t go to Boston for Chinese New Year. I am not amused. I know the clowns. I know the culprits.

I don’t know what to do. We are very happy with Dr. Shulman. But, we can’t see him when we have an emergency and with Teischan we have 4 emergencies, minimum, per year. Yes, we have taken her to the ER, twice.

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4 responses to “Dartmouth Hitchcock (Concord) Did IT Again — And ‘IT’ Wasn’t Good.”

  1. Mommy says :

    We will continue to go to DHMC. We try out best to see Dr. Shulman if at all possible when there is an emergency as he knows Teischan best. I do feel that Dr.’s do their best for their patients.
    I feel somewhat responsible as well as I should have insisted that she be seen ASAP instead of waiting as the nurses suggested. As a Mom I’ve learn that going with your gut feeling is often better than waiting. However, in this case I did not do this. We should have taken her sooner (a mothers guilt). This will not happen again. Live and learn.

  2. Susanna French says :

    Hi Anura – I’m Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s social media specialist and I saw your post on Twitter today. Have you spoken with Eva Melanson, the manager of the Department of Pediatrics? She’s at (603) 229-5148. I just left her a message about this. Let me know if you need anything else.

    • aguruge says :

      Wow. DHMC has a Social Media specialist. I guess it makes sense. I think my wife did some e-mailing yesterday (Monday). She will see your comment. She reads my blog to see what mischief I get into, though I do work from home. I will tell her that you ‘called’. Again, 75% I love DHMC, especially Hanover. But, we are in Alton. Hanover is 90 minutes away, with a tail-wind. Concord … Hhhhhmmm. Have you see my other post, there is a link, about how YOU folks charged me ‘double’?
      PAX. Anura

    • aguruge says :

      You may want to check latest post. Wife is MAD. I am taking cover. This is not good. I am such a big fan of DHMC, albeit mainly Hanover, and you are driving me into the clutches of CMC (where I now get 95% of MY care) and/or Elliott.
      Cheers. Anura

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